Precautions to Take Before Accepting a Casino Bonus Online

Online gambling, be it sports betting or online slots, may seem like a way to win large sums of money. However, the outcome is not always as profitable as one may initially hope. As a result, casinos often offer bonuses to entice new players into signing up and continuing playing at เครดิตฟรี สล็อต. However this can be a slippery slope for those who choose to partake in these promotions due to the information provided by players who have left disgruntled at their final payment from the casino.

Free Spins

The primary objective of many online casinos is to earn an income and find new clients, however there are a few tricks that are often used to entice players. One method that is commonly employed by casinos is the offer of free spins. These สล็อตxoคิงคอง spins are commonly referred to as ‘bonuses’. Many new gamblers believe that they will get some sort of advantage, such as faster play, larger wins or even no house edge (the term used when a return is not included in the amount paid for an online game). However this is not the case and the bonus will be paid out at a rate that is determined by the casino, which would normally be one hundred percent.

The Chance to Win a Prize

Another trick used by casinos to entice new players is that of telling them that they have won a prize or free money. This method is often used when a new client has made their first deposit (usually referred to as signing up) but has placed no bets. As a result the casino will offer to double the amount of the deposit. The player will then be told that they have to wager this doubled amount before they can withdraw any of it. It is in this method that you are unlikely to learn about any withdrawal restrictions or that you may need to complete a number of bonus requirements before being able to make a withdrawal.


There are two types of tournament that new players may be invited too, free tournaments and paid ones. Free tournaments are common on online slot games that offer a progressive jackpot. This technique is often used by casinos to increase their exposure on social media. It is common for casino owners to run free tournaments where they will give away a large sum of money such as five hundred thousand dollars. However, these events are normally not as they appear and will require the player to make numerous deposits (often at least five) with high wagering requirements before a withdrawal may be made.